kids playing on beautiful lawn


Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure a beautiful lawn.

  1. Cut & rake the soil

Cut the grass on the 2.5-3’’ mower setting. Use a rake to clear away all thatch. Seeds need direct contact with soil to be successful.

  1. Spread soil

Create a nutrient rich environment for your seeds to grow by spreading an even layer of lawn soil across the lawn.

  1. Apply grass seed

We recommend a quality grass seed for the best results. Spread evenly across lawn.

  1. Feed

Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. Apply in early spring to revitalize the lawn and prepare it for summer. Apply a fall fertilizer to enhance winter survival and promote a quick spring green-up.

  1. Water

In the beginning, seeds should be damp or moist around the clock. This will help them to germinate. After they have sprouted, too much water can eventually kill the seedlings.


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