The scientists at Alaskan who develop products for AFTER a storm bring you a NEW technology to protect your family for BEFORE the storm.  Every winter, thousands slip and fall on icy stairs and walkways.  Well NOT ANYMORE!!!  Introducing NEW Alaskan Ice PREVENTER.

Apply Alaskan Ice Preventer up to 48 hours BEFORE any snow falls and it will bond with most surfaces to keep the ice from forming.  If the snowfall is less than 2 inches, it will MELT away leaving your walkways and stairs free of ice and snow!  If the snowfall is more than 2 inches, PREVENTER will not allow ice to form to the surface, making it easy to clean off the snow from your surfaces.

You can’t argue with Science!!

New Alaskan Ice Preventer!  So protect your family with the science behind all our Alaskan products.

Go get some at these retailers before the snow flies!!!!

Suggested Products

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