Vegetable Garden

If you’re growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs for your family of course you want to do it in a healthy way that will produce amazing results for your harvest.  As we’ve been talking about over the series, healthy produce and herbs start with healthy soil, so plant your edibles in a soil specially designed for them.

PRO-MIX® Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix is just that – soil created to help give your edible plants a healthy foundation. PRO-MIX® Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix is listed for use in organic gardening by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). It’s an organically rich peat-based soil mix, which provides an ideal soil foundation for your favourite edibles.  It also contains organic fertilizer that provides gradual feeding to your plants for up to 3 months, and compost to further enrich the soil and improve moisture retention.  If tomatoes are your go-to vegetable, you’ll be glad to note that PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix also contains gypsum, a natural calcium source that helps to prevent blossom end rot. As we’ve seen with other products from PRO-MIX, the addition of MYCOACTIVE™ Technology helps create healthy and strong root systems with enhanced nutrient absorption, leading to bigger plants, bigger harvests, and improved disease resistance.

New for 2016, PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix is available in two additional sizes.  For your indoor planters and window box the 9-litre bag is handy, and for your larger garden beds, the value-sized bale will cover more area and save money; it’s like getting four-bags of 28 L for the price of three.

Since your vegetables and herbs are absorbing what’s in the soil, you want a professional-quality mix and you can be confident that the PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix has many beneficial properties that help produce a healthy harvest. This premium soil mix makes for great growing conditions for your edibles this summer.  The result should be hearty growth, tougher, more disease-resistant plants, and a bountiful harvest. Don’t forget to share the yummy results!

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