Canadian Products for Canadian Climates


There’s an old saying in Canada that our seasons consist of Winter and Not Quite Winter. However, native Canadians know our seasons are really quite varied. After all, how would we be able to grow such a wide variety of plants without diversity in our climate?

That said, hobbyists and professionals attain the best results by using products appropriate to their geographic area. Premier Tech Home & Garden has been proudly Canadian since 1923, and the design of our products meets the specific needs of both Canadian home gardeners and planting experts.

Here are just three available to help you attain excellent results.

PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed

Everyone wants a lush, green and healthy lawn, but you may worry about which type of grass seed is suitable for your area. Fortunately, there is one that will work very well in any part of Canada.

Once your lawn emerges from winter, it needs some tender loving care. An excellent choice to bring it back to life is PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed. Created with the Canadian climate in mind, this varietal of seed germinates in colder temperatures—as low as 4°C, in fact. This allows the grass to establish itself and grow before any weeds can take hold.

Wilson Lawn WeedOut Ultra

Wilson has been offering effective solutions for gardens and household pest problems since 1880. There is a reason for that incredible longevity: quality and consistent results. Weeds are the proverbial thorn in the side of not just gardeners, but any Canadian trying to maintain a healthy, well-manicured lawn.

Wilson Lawn WeedOut Ultra contains the active ingredient 4-Chloroindole-3-acetic acid, a natural plant hormone found in peas and beans. The research and development, creation, and testing of this innovative product was done entirely in Canada by Premier Tech. As a result of such careful planning and testing, it is the only effective product on the market of its kind that meets every provincial regulation.

CIL Golfgreen

CIL Golfgreen is a proud Canadian industry leader, offering high quality products since 1965. Their Golfgreen Bio-weed & Feed is another highly effective, natural tool in the battle against weeds.

Extensive research led to the adoption of a formula that is 98% corn gluten. This acts as a pre-emergent that prevents pesky weeds like dandelions, crabgrass seeds, and White Clover from reaching the germination stage.

While this type of product will not help with actively growing weeds, it is very good at stopping them from starting in the first place. With this sort of simple, preventative maintenance and regular upkeep, you can enjoy a lawn so smooth and lovely, your neighbours will want to play nine holes on it.

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