To get your lawn into the game!

It’s April and for those itching to get your lawn off to a great start, there’s good news.  Two products from PRO-MIX can be used starting now to help set your lawn up for a winning season.

PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed is the first grass seed blend in Canada to adapt to your environment and soil conditions.  The seeds begin to germinate in as little as 7 days, even when seeding in soil temperatures as low as 4C.  The ability to seed at low soil-temperatures is a game changer! It means you can seed much earlier and much later in the season than with traditional grass seed.  I find that the first thing people want to do in the spring is tidy up their lawn and get any areas that fell particular victim to winter’s effects growing again. Now you can get started several weeks earlier with PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed. It offers guaranteed results and adapts to your soil conditions; those cool soil temperatures as low as 4C, drought conditions, high traffic areas, shade or sun, and new lawns or patch repairs.  Sounds pretty good to me!


For added success with your lawn this season, call up PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer.  This specially designed fertilizer helps heal lawns and feeds them for up to 6 weeks.  It’s a totally unique fertilizer where the fertilizer is coated in all-natural Canadian peat moss.  Peat moss is an amazing natural soil conditioner and combined with a high-quality, slow-release fertilizer, you’re setting up for a great lawn.  It’s like combining two steps in one! The PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is small so mixes easily into the soil, rather than sitting on top.  Instead of just injecting nutrients into the soil the added peat moss is improving the long-term, permanent health of your soil.  The result is healthier soil for your lawn, less watering, better stress tolerance, stronger roots, a thicker greener lawn that is 2x healthier; and best of all, this leads to less maintenance for you.  With many communities seeing watering restrictions through the summer, having a healthy lawn with less watering and maintenance makes you a winner in more ways than being the envy of the block!
Set your lawn up for a top-notch season with PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed and PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer.



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