Controlling weeds in your lawn has become more an more difficult as provinces and municipalities prevent the use of chemical selective weed control products, but new natural products, such as the CIL Golfgreen Bio-weed & Feed, are quickly helping to replace some of these old chemicals.

CIL Golfgreen Bio-weed & Feed with 98% corn gluten formula is based on years of research. In the corn belt regions of the USA it was discovered that corn gluten acted as a pre-emergent, suppressing the germination of annual weed seeds such as Dandelions, White Clover and Crabgrass seeds, when it was applied prior to the seeds germinating, and with the correct coverage.

The 9 kg bag of CIL Golfgreen Bio-Weed & Feed will cover 93 sq. m.- 10m x 9.3 m (1000 sq. ft – 50’ x 20’) and should be applied when the soil temperature in the spring has reached 10 to 13 degrees Celsius, or before weed seeds begin to germinate.

A very good cultural indication is when the forsythia shrub first goes into bloom, which will only happen once the soil has reached 10 degrees Celsius. Corn Gluten fertilizers may be applied every 6 weeks in the spring and fall, but keep in mind that as it will not kill any actively growing weeds, only suppress the germination of the weed seed, any weeds remaining in your lawn from last year, or new weeds that have developed prior to applying the fertilizer this year, should be manually removed prior to applying the fertilizer.

Nevertheless, if for any reason you are still unsatisfied with the results of using our product please be aware that all of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee with proof of purchase. Simply mail your proof of purchase to us and we will be happy to issue you a refund.