Mice will usually live in holes or burrows throughout grassy or bushy areas. Left-over fall leaves or even garden mulches can provide a perfect habitat for mice. They generally feed on seeds, bulbs, vegetables, flowers, birdseed, pet food, and young tree bark. Some mice can even fit through an opening no bigger than a dime. Rats on the other had can live almost anywhere. They generally enter buildings through sewage pipes, chimneys, vents, and other small openings left open. They prefer nesting in secluded areas such as attics, crawl spaces, walls, or cluttered basements. Both Mice & Rats will thrive on household food, birdseed or pet food, but if not available will fill their bellies with organic matter such as natural soaps or cardboard. Left unchecked both  can quickly become a problem causing extensive damage to gardens, outbuildings or vehicles, to interior walls, furniture, insulation or wiring . For fast knockdown it is essential that you bait and trap aggressively.  

Tips to follow when baiting and trapping:

  • Eliminate all other food sources
  • Block up access holes to the outside, using chalking, cement or Aluminum foil
  • Place bait and/or traps along known runs or in areas where you find their droppings
  • Check on the bait daily, increasing the amount you put out, until you have some left over in the morning. Ensure there is enough for the entire rodent population.

The Right Control for Rodents

There are different types of controls to available to help eliminate your rodent problem, including traps, repellents, and baits, each with different features and benefits.


  • Indoor Use only
  • Kills rodents by ingestion
  • Eliminate rodent infestation
  • Some baits come in bait stations that are certified tamper-resistant for users with children or pets


  • Tip traps capture rodents for live release
  • Wood, plastic and glue traps capture and kill rodents
  • Wood, plastic and tip traps can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Plastic traps are re-usable
  • Eliminates rodent infestation


  • Sonic repel deters rodents using sound waves from within home
  • Indoor re-usable repellent
  • Prevents rodent infestations


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