Owen Reeves - Weed-Free Lawn - Weed Defense

Anyone with a lawn knows one of the most frustrating things is dealing with weeds. It’s tough to keep ahead of them and they keep your lawn from being perfect.  One solution from PRO-MIX® can help you maintain a weed-free lawn.

PRO-MIX® Weed Defense Grass Seed is the first grass seed blend in Canada that naturally repels weeds.  It contains a natural herbicide that prevents weed germination by releasing weed-inhibiting properties into the surrounding soil.  The result is that it helps to ensure that your grass gets established and is not fighting for space with weeds.  In most cases, weeds often germinate and grow faster than grass but PRO-MIX® Weed Defense Grass seed will start to show results within 7 days.  Like the other lines of PRO-MIX® Grass Seeds that we looked at in our Fantasy Pick Week One, PRO-MIX® Weed Defense Grass Seed is blended with MYCOACTIVE™ Technology which helps with nutrient absorption to strengthen your lawn. The grass is thicker and grows faster with a healthier root system. It also adapts to a wide variety of environmental and soil conditions to offer guaranteed results; whether you have a sunny or shady lawn, or need to start a new lawn or just do a patch-up.

Particularly if you back onto a naturalized area or farmland, weeds are constantly competing with your grass seed.  Rather than trying to cope with constantly trying to kill or pull out weeds, PRO-MIX® Weed Defense Grass Seed helps you stay ahead of it naturally.

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