Homecare™ Mouse & Rat Killer

Made from corn cellulose | No secondary poisoning | Non-toxic to humans, dogs, cats and other pets | Corn based product interferes with the rodents digestive system and causes dehydration | Box is made from 100% recycled boxboard | Green Option

Homecare™ Trapple Fruit Fly Trap

Apple shaped Fruit Fly Trap-attractive, decorative design can be placed on the counter or in the fruit bowl | Contains ready-to-use natural food attractants – no mixing necessary | Fruit Flies are trapped on the adhesive card located in the apple trap

Homecare™ Liquid Ant Bait

Two prefilled bait stations | Kills all the ants of the colony | Highly attractive to ants | Green Option

Weed & Grass Killer

Fast acting non-selective herbicide | By-law friendly alternative to synthetic weed & grass herbicides | Green Option

Animal Repellent Scent-A-Gone™

Repels dogs, cats, racoons, skunks and groundhogs | Protects lawns from digging animals | Protects garbage cans and gardens | Contains a peper based repellent | Green Option

Bordo Copper Spray

Versatile – use it on fruit trees, ornamentals, vegetables, & flowers | Controls leaf spots, blights, anthracnose, downy and powdery mildew, black spot, and molds on fruits | Readily mixes in water for spray application


A natural source of calcium and sulphur | Absorbs harmful salts from the soil | Improves soil texture

Tree & Shrub Food 4-3-9

Formulated to enhance the colour and bushy growth of evergreens, trees and shrubs | Apply beneath trees, shrubs and hedges

Muskie™ Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1

A plant food suitable for general garden use, vegetables and flowers | Formulated from fresh water fish waste | Economical Concentrate

Bio-Mist® Ready-To-Use Garden Insect Killer

Contains the botanically derived insecticide pyrethrin | Use both indoors and outdoors to control a wide range of destructive insects | Use up to the day before harvest on lettuce, spinach and radishes