Just pulling out weeds won’t get rid of them. If untreated, weeds will fight your grass for space, nutrients, and sunlight — and they will win. Weed seeds are spread by wind, lawn equipment, and even animals. Nip weeds in the bud before they go to seed. Use weed control products from May to mid-June, when weeds are actively growing. Weed killers work on contact. This means they need to be on the plant’s surface, not in the ground. Because of this, it is very important not to water your lawn after applying weed killer. Otherwise, all of the product will be washed away. Water your grass before applying weed killer so that you don’t have to water again for 2-3 days and can let the product do its job. Similarly, don’t mow your grass right after applying weed killer. Doing so will slice off the parts of the weed that have been sprayed. Any weed killing strategy should be paired with long-term preventative measures. Remember that weeds are hardier than grass. If your grass is stressed, they will take over. Ask yourself: is your grass underfed, infested with insects, in need of aeration, getting too much shade, dry, or poorly drained. Any combination of these stressors just makes things easier for weeds.

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