PRO-MIX PremiumHeal & Feed is more than a fertilizer

Dreaming of a green lawn? Creating that golf course quality lawn – deep green, lush, weed-free – can be a real challenge. We used to have this image of the picture-perfect lawn that involved weekly care that took hours of time. Nowadays, our busy schedules mean we have less time to devote to maintenance and care of the lawn. But the trick to that lush, green lawn is actually the soil beneath our lawn; something that has been overlooked in a big way. By skipping over the importance of the soil, the result was lawns where the soil was badly compacted, nutrient-poor, water-thirsty, and overall not very healthy; which is why it has taken so much work to maintain them.

Instead of just focusing on the grass, if we care for the soil foundation underneath the grass it means we can enjoy a beautiful, lush, green lawn, with fewer weeds, in less time, with less water and maintenance. In the spring and summer, you can help by feeding your lawn and healing your soil with PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer. It’s not just a fertilizer – it helps to repair the soil as well.

What really sets this product apart from traditional fertilizers is that each individual food pellet is coated in all-natural Canadian Peat Moss. Great gardeners will tell you that Peat Moss is one of the best organic soil boosters out there as it helps to loosen up compacted soil, and improves water retention. By adding peat moss, the roots of the grass are healthier and stronger so that they absorb more water and you won’t have to water as often. In addition, PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer also includes MYCOACTIVE: a naturally occurring beneficial root booster. MYCOACTIVE permanently bonds to roots of your grass and dramatically improves water absorption, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. This combination of Peat Moss and MYCOACTIVE provides an amazing boost to the health of your soil – and both are completely organic and natural!

One of my favourite features of PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is that the individual pellets are very fine and settle really quickly onto the surface of the soil. That, combined with the fact that they are brown in colour because of the Peat Moss coating, means that it’s not obvious to the eye that you’ve fertilized. It’s easy to apply, especially with the new Premium Spreader from PRO-MIX, offering you another time saver on the way to a beautiful, healthy lawn and soil.

PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is specially formulated to break down slower than traditional lawn fertilizers. This means your lawn gets a slow-and-steady, longer lasting feed and eliminates the rapid surge growth after application. It also means that more of the nutrients are taken up by the lawn because they aren’t lost in water run-off from irrigation or rainfall. Not only is this great for your grass and the environment, but it means less mowing for you! The slower breakdown gives you up to 6 weeks of feeding – which is about 50% longer-lasting than many traditional lawn fertilizers.  So not only is your lawn healthier and happier, you also save time and money on frequent fertilizing.

In the fall, you will want to switch over to new PRO-MIX Premium Fall & Winter Protection Lawn Fertilizer to prepare your lawn for the stresses that come with a long Canadian winter. It’s specially formulated with a higher Potassium content to strengthen the roots of the grass to help them go through the winter dormancy and then bounce back in the spring quicker and stronger.

By taking care of the soil beneath your lawn it will result in a thicker, greener lawn. In addition to being the envy of the block, you’ll also have fewer weeds and fewer bugs, so you can enjoy the lawn without the hassles of these common pests. Be sure to add PRO-MIX Premium Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer and new PRO-MIX Premium Fall & Winter Protection Lawn Fertilizer to your lawn care routine this year.


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