Premier Tech Home & Garden, a Business Unit of Premier Tech, is Canada’s leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer lawn & garden products with the broadest portfolio of brands and products in the industry.

We have a strong, exciting and entrepreneurial spirit. Our aggressive growth plan will strengthen our business in Canada and beyond…

Products include traditional and natural / organic brands in the following categories:

  • lawn and garden fertilizers
  • growing media, mulches & landscape products
  • grass seed
  • indoor & outdoor pest control
  • ice melters


In a constant effort to offer quality products that meet or exceed your highest standards, Premier Tech Home & Garden has obtained accreditation from the OMRI and is a member of the Canadian Sphagnum & Peatmoss Association. This certification underscores Premier Tech Home & Garden’s respect of organic production norms and their commitment towards preserving the environment.

Green philosophy

Premier Tech Home and Garden has been implementing environmental practices for a number of years. Our line up of products offers a great variety of green products which will meet your needs. 70% of our products are made from natural-ingredients.

Environmental Policy

Premier Tech Home & Garden is committed to preserving the quality of the environment through the careful and responsible development and production of our products and by striving to minimize emissions that would harm the environment or our employees.

The company will provide training to all employees, who will be required to know and to scrupulously follow the company’s environmental policies, procedures and standards, which will be kept up-to-date in accordance with all federal, provincial, local legislation and industry standards which will include emergency response plans to adequately deal with incidents involving any of our products or locations.

The company will strive to reduce, recycle or reuse its waste and to dispose of any waste, which cannot be eliminated, by using environmentally sound disposal methods.

We are committed to marketing products that not only minimize adverse environmental impacts but also provide environmental enhancement. To this end the company will work with our customers and suppliers in developing and marketing environmentally sensitive products and in maintaining responsible procedures to ensure the safe use, distribution, storage and disposal of our products.

We believe that our company has the responsibility to conduct our business in such a way as to provide quality and value to our customers in an environmentally sound manner so that together we can preserve and enjoy our environment and ensure that same quality of life for future generations.