Owen reeves - Benefits of Composting

There is nothing better in the summer than fresh produce from your garden! The key to growing quality produce starts below the ground with the soil. One of the best and oldest ways to ensure nutrient-rich soil is to amend it with compost.

Healthy soil creates healthy roots and healthy roots create healthy plants. The roots absorb nutrients and water from the soil which are then used to grow leaves, stems and fruit by the plant. The reason compost is beneficial is that the organic nutrients are very easily taken up and used by the plant. This process occurs in nature all the time, which is why plants grow so well in organically rich environments like forests.  By mixing compost into your soil, we’re replicating that natural process in your garden.  Compost also contains micro-nutrients (the trace elements required by plants and people for optimal health) that are naturally present in undisturbed soil. Without these micro-nutrients, plants don’t grow as well and are more prone to disease and insect problems. While manufactured fertilizers contain important macro-nutrients (the three numbers listed on the label), amending your soil with organic matter is the best way to replenish the soil’s vital micro-nutrients.

Compost comes in many forms but the most common is manure.  While that may not sound appetizing, the benefits are many. In addition to enriching the soil, it also helps to improve soil texture and improve moisture retention – meaning you water less often.  However, if manure is not handled and processed properly, and also aged for the right amount of time, it can still contain harmful bacteria and even burn the plant’s roots. Lower quality manure is often still smelly and may even be warm to the touch, which is a sign that it’s not safe to use in your garden.  Premium compost is aged for at least a year; so it has no foul odour, is cool to the touch and the harmful elements are neutralized.

PREMIER® BIOMAX® Ultra Manures and Ultra Shrimp Compost Mix are proud to be certified by the Compost Quality Alliance so you know that you are getting the highest standards of safety and efficacy available. They are pathogen-free and third-party certified to ensure the manure is processed properly and well-aged to give your garden the maximum benefits. On top of that, BIOMAX®  Ultra Composted Manures are free of bugs and weeds, which saves you time, money and the headaches of additional maintenance. Using PREMIER® BIOMAX® Ultra Composted Manures will help promote vigorous vegetative growth of foliage and stems, leading to strong plans.

Remember, what you’re putting in your soil is going into the produce you eat so you want to use the safest and best-quality compost you can buy.  This way, you’ll not not only produce a delicious harvest, but help keep your family safe and healthy as well.

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