Nematodes are a form of pest control.

A nematode is a microscopic worm. Beneficial Nematodes will seek out specific target insects and enter through their natural body openings. Once inside the target insect, the nematodes release their bacteria, which multiply and eventually kill the host, but not before the nematodes develop into adults, reproduce, and produce offspring. Approximately 14 days after initial infection, the new generation of nematodes emerge from the dead insect and search for new insect hosts. If no other hosts are present, the nematodes will die off.

Nematodes are a safe choice for children and pets. Because Green Earth Nematodes will not survive in temperatures over 30 C, they are completely safe to use on areas where children and pets will play. Even if they are ingested, the nematodes will quickly die-off, as our internal temperatures are higher than 30 C.