We all love big shade trees. But growing grass under them can be a challenge. Trees not only block sunlight, but compete with grass for nutrients found in soil. To grow lush grass in the shade of a tree, you have to feed both the grass and the tree. Give them their favourite food: a fertilizer that is specifically for trees, and a fertilizer specifically for grass. Start by feeding the tree. Two weeks later, fertilize the grass surrounding the tree. Two weeks later, feed the tree. Repeat. Some grasses grow better in shaded areas, too. Try a grass seed mix specifically formulated for shade to patch bare spots. Remember that all grass needs at least some light to grow — about 25% per day. Even shade loving blends still require a minimum of 3 to 5 hours of direct sunlight a day. You can get more light to reach the ground by keeping trees properly pruned and thinned.

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