Plants are happiest when their soil is at the right pH. Adjusting pH isn’t rocket science. Soil pH test kits, such as C-I-L® Soil Test Kit, and adjusters like C-I-L® Dolomitic Limestone or GreenEarth® Granular Gypsum are widely available and easy to use. Follow these short steps to help your plants thrive.

Step 1

Test the area of soil you are concerned about with a soil pH test kit. Most plants grow well in soil with a pH between 6.0 and 6.8, but some do better if the soil pH is a little higher or slightly lower. Check our plant pH preference chart for your plants’ preferred pH.

Step 2

If your soil pH is too acidic, apply lime. If your soil is too alkaline, apply sulphur or gypsum. The product you use will have a recommended amount.

Step 3

Soil pH changes slowly, but it does change. Continue to check your soil every year or two, or more often if your plants do not grow well despite proper fertilization.

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