Did you know that multiple surveys and reports indicate Millennials are the fastest-growing age group when it comes to gardening?

Whether you live in your own home, in a rented condo, or in an apartment complex, there are many ways in which you can create a plentiful garden full of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. All it requires is a little planning and a desire to watch new things grow. So how can you reap the joy of gardening as a Millennial?


Enhanced Nutrition

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or simply like fresh produce, gardening is the perfect way to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. You can choose from any manner of fresh produce, such as zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, and more! Having your own garden means you have the control over what you grow as well as how it’s grown. Concerned about pesticides? You do not need to use them in your personal garden! Love a specific vegetable or fruit but have trouble finding it at the store? You can make sure it’s on your plate as much as you want.


Make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to growing nutritious fruits and vegetables with a quality fertilizer, such as PRO-MIX Organic Garden Fertilizer for Tomatoes, Vegetables & Fruits 4-4-8. Bonus: you can even use this for an indoor container garden in an apartment!


Practice Awareness for the Environment

As you might know, the further produce (or any other food) must travel to make its way to your local grocery store, the more energy it takes to bring it to you. The more energy spent means a larger impact on the environment. One of the great joys of gardening is how you need only carry your fruits and vegetables to the fridge. Growing produce in the garden is the most energy-efficient way of including it in your regular diet.


Green Space in the Concrete Jungle

Do you live in a high-rise apartment? In the middle of a large city? For many people, the lack of green space gets them down. However, even a simple, hanging box on the balcony railing or an array of potted plants in the apartment can easily brighten your life with a perfect green space amid a sprawling concrete jungle.

Many people love growing orchids, as they do very well in a small pot inside, so long as they are warm and receive sun. If this plant interests you, give its growth a boost with PRO-MIX Premium Orchid Mix, which has all the nutrients and benefits needed, such as fostering ideal conditions and drainage for the orchid and its roots to thrive.


Saving Money

Do you ever find your grocery bill quite expensive? The two biggest culprits for rising grocery bills are meat (e.g. chicken breast) and fresh produce, particularly when the produce is not in-season. Having your own garden, even if it’s small and only contains a couple fruits or vegetables, is a great way to help lower the regular grocery bill. There is some cost upfront, of course, but once you have the supplies, you can grow vegetable after vegetable, which saves you money for an extended period.

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