Best Tips For Overseeding Your Lawn by Owen Reeves


The perfect lawn is the quintessential image of neighbourhood rivalry.  Picture, neighbours watering their lawns, silently comparing colour, thickness, and health to the other homes on the block. So, what’s the trick to having the best lawn on the block?

In my opinion, overseeding is the most important step to having a healthy, lush lawn, and your best defense against weeds and insects. The reason we overseed is to introduce new grass plants into the lawn to fill gaps caused by die-back, animal damage, weeds, and other stressors. Really, the only effective way to remove undesirable varieties of grass, such as crabgrass, twitchgrass, and quackgrass is to overseed with the varieties that you want and that can outcompete them and add to the strength of your lawn.

To be the envy of the block with your lawn, you have to start with the best seed. PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed is a superior all-purpose grass seed for Canadian growing conditions that will help you introduce stronger varieties in your lawn so that your lawn is greener, stronger, and thicker, and will stay that way through tougher conditions.

Spring & Fall Overseeding:

This formulation is designed for Canadian growing conditions. The ability to germinate in cool temperatures, as low as 4 C is huge! It means we can seed earlier in the spring before the weeds and seed later into the fall.

Drought Resistant:

As water becomes a scarce resource we’re more aware of how much we use from both a cost and conservation perspective, and the grass’ ability to be more drought-tolerant is key.  PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed can establish itself in drought or cool conditions. This also helps your lawn to get through the natural summer dormancy period without the same amount of watering otherwise required.

Made for High Traffic:

PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed was first bred for use in sports fields so it was designed to be beat-up, recover quickly and repair itself & regrow.  Making it ultimately more stress-tolerant.

It holds up against common stressing conditions such as drought, salt, cold and diseases.  It produces stronger seedlings with faster establishment, resulting in less chances for weeds to grow instead. It’s the perfect overseeding choice especially for families with active children or dogs, so they can play all day in the yard!


To give active families lawns that can take a beating MYCOACTIVE® is added to the formulation to give it that extra stress tolerance.  It helps grass plants develop stronger, denser root systems.  Better roots,  means more drought-tolerance and disease resistance.  It is a natural enhancer that grows on the roots of the plants stimulating their growth, helping them to take up more water and nutrients.


Combining the MYCOACTIVE® with the natural characteristics of the PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed is an amazing one-two punch for your lawn.  It will survive and even thrive through hot-dry summers, in sunny or shady conditions, and through wear and tear that comes with a high traffic lawn.  By introducing PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed to your lawn, you will be introducing a stronger variety that will help your lawn become the envy of the block.

ISSUE: Weeds in your lawn – Overseeding

Weeds in lawns are a very common problem.  The PRO-MIX® Weed Defense Grass Seed has been specially blended to naturally prevent weeds.  These seeds have a property that prevents weeds from germinating by releasing an all natural inhibitor into the surrounding soil, this means your lawn becomes more and more weed-resistant with each application.

ISSUE: Lawn Eating Insects like Grubs & Chinch Bugs – Overseeding

Another stressor that I’m always asked about is how to deal with lawn insect pests like grubs and chinch bugs.  To repel grubs, PRO-MIX® Lawn Insect Defense Grass Seed is an special grass seed blend that naturally repels grass-eating insects thanks to the addition of endophytes.  Endophytes are beneficial fungi that grow in specific grass plants, naturally making the grass taste bad to insects so they will avoid your lawn in favour of tastier food.

The best thing about these two blends is that they help to tackle your lawn’s most stubborn enemies using natural defenses, not synthetic chemicals – without any extra work from you!


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