5 proven ways gardening is good for you


Wellness is about more than physical health; it also concerns your emotional wellbeing. But many are finding it harder than ever to fit physical or mental wellness into their busy lives.

Lucky for us, we have a surprising ally in the wellness game: plants! People all over the world are discovering the wellness benefits of gardening.

These are some of the many ways gardening is good for you, both in body and mind.


  1. Room to Grow

Sometimes, we could all use a deep breath. But who has the time? Our fast-paced world doesn’t leave much room to step back and process one’s own thoughts.

That’s the beauty of gardening. Gardening takes time; it’s a welcome change of pace from the world of instant gratification and constant demands on attention. Whether you have a big backyard garden or a few potted plants, tending a garden creates space for your thoughts to flow freely. It can be an opportunity for reflection and personal growth.


  1. Gardening as Physical Activity

There’s growing evidence to support the link between exercise and mood. Five minutes of moderate exercise can have mood-boosting effects, and engaging in routine exercise can help to improve depression in the long term.

But ‘exercise’ doesn’t have to mean hitting the treadmill. The CDC considers gardening to be moderate cardiovascular exercise, burning 150 to 300 calories per day. Half an hour to 45 minutes of digging, raking, hoeing and planting adds up to a full-body workout! That physical activity is one of the most tangible ways gardening is good for you.


  1. Better Indoor Air Quality

What’s in the air you breathe? Many buildings, even homes, contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These airborne particles can cause headaches, breathing problems, and other health issues.

Fortunately, certain houseplants are proven to remove VOCs from the air! Plants absorb various chemicals, along with carbon dioxide, during photosynthesis. Filling your home with air-purifying plants helps you breathe easier.


  1. Benefits of Homegrown Food

The harvest is one of the best times to be a gardener. Nothing beats harvesting homegrown fruits and vegetables to cook your favourite meals. Plus, growing your own food comes with surprising wellness benefits!

When you grow your own food, you’re in control. It’s up to you whether to start with genetically-modified or non-GMO seeds. You can choose which methods of pest control to use (or forget it.) You’ll know exactly which chemicals have touched  your food. You can even let vegetables ripen in the garden, giving them more nutrients than store-bought veggies that ripen on the shelf!

Not only is homegrown food better for you, but it gives you peace of mind as well.


  1. Power of Nature

We’ve long known the benefits of being in and around nature. One study shows people living close to green spaces are often healthier in body and mind. Another found that spending just 30 minutes a week surrounded by nature can reduce the chance of developing depression.

Not everyone has time to go camping or take a long nature walk, but anyone can find time to enjoy the wellness benefits of gardening. The sight, smell, and feel of real live plants can do wonders for your wellbeing. While it isn’t the same as going off-the-grid, gardening offers a way to get back to nature in the comfort of your own home.


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