5 Tips For Small Space Gardening


Gardening is a favourite pastime for many people out there, particularly for those who live in the country, or happen to have a large backyard in town. While they may have a significant space advantage, gardening in small spaces is still rewarding—perhaps even more so, since you must think carefully about how you want to use the available space. With that said, here are five tips for small space gardening, all of which are sure to make your gardening experience a fruitful one.

Choose Plants Carefully

Herbs garden in container

A good portion of your potential gardening success when you are working with a small space is, of course, what you choose to plant. For instance, herbs are fantastic to plant in a window box, whereas trying to plant a sprawling fruit like cantaloupe is pretty much impossible. Consider the amount of space you have and do your research about what you can plant, based on the type of garden you want to have (e.g. fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers).


Build A Vertical Garden

Grow your plants vertically

When most of us think about gardens we think about the horizontal space and what fruit we might plant next to another. However, this space is often at a premium for small space gardeners. Their power is in vertical space! Consider repurposing items like a canvas shoe rack or constructing a vertical garden tower (you can even use items like clean plastic containers). Build your garden up rather than to the side!


Get Creative With Garden Locations

Grow your plants in creative suspended containers

When you are working with a small amount of space, you must get creative with where you are actually going to have your garden. In fact, having multiple tiny gardens is often a great way to plant more fruits, vegetables, et cetera, than you might initially think you can. Many people make use of windowsills and boxes hanging on railings for gardens. However, you can also use hanging baskets, old furniture (e.g. dressers, end tables), mailbox posts, and more to create your garden while still only using a small amount of space. For plants that enjoy a humid environment, many people have found their bathrooms make a fantastic location for a small space garden! Look around you and really think about if you can grow something there, and what you can grow.


Water Regularly

Water your plants regularly

Most of the plants, flowers, vegetables, et cetera you have in a small space garden will use up all the nutrients much faster than those in larger gardens. This means you will have to pay closer attention to your small garden if you want it to thrive. Make sure to keep a watering can handy for indoors, and always remember to check your outdoor garden with the hose in hand on a regular basis. Also pay attention to any fertilizer and extra nutrients (e.g. orchid food to enhance the water) for specific plants.


Create a Balcony Garden Box

Balcony Garden Box

Do you have a balcony? If so, you have prime real estate for a small space garden! You can, of course, use a hanging box on the railing. However, you can also build a garden box (elevated or not) so you can actually use some of the flooring on your balcony for your garden. Even though the space is smaller, one of these will mimic a larger garden, meaning you can plant many of the same things in it as you would in a large garden (e.g. carrots, beans, and tomatoes). You just have to design your box with the things you wish to plant in mind, and remember the recommended spacing between plants for each.


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