Symmetry is important in many aspects of design, and that includes how you plan the green spaces on your property. You may produce a lush and beautiful lawn, or be proud of a garden bursting with life and colour, but lavishing your attention on only or two spots will also call greater attention to spaces you have neglected.

While preparing your property for the fall, be sure to also set aside some time to fill in those bare areas that have not received the same degree of love and attention.


Plant a Tree

You already have a healthy lawn and garden, so why not take the next step and add a tree or two? It will be doing a favour for both your land and the planet, as trees absorb carbon dioxide and counter the effects of climate change.

Research species that do well in your area, and then choose the best spot(s) for planting. Properly placed trees can not only reduce your air conditioning bill, but also increase the value of your home. That said, like all forms of plant life, they do need regular maintenance to retain their health and curb appeal; don’t just plant it and forget it.


Add a Hedge

Some people view hedges solely as a way of enclosing their property. They can provide that desired degree of privacy, and are certainly more appealing than a fence or wall, but have other important functions as well. For example, this natural barrier can help to reduce the effect of high winds, making a yard or front lawn a more pleasant place to relax or entertain.

Hedges can also be an excellent way to provide character and balance to your outdoor design. Symmetrical hedge planting further reveals that the homeowner took special care in planning their outdoor design to make the property as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Find conventional hedge design dull? Use them as another way to express your creativity by using artistic clipping and shaping to create interesting patterns. Choose hedges that are best suited to your area (e.g. if dry conditions and water restrictions are common, choose a variety that does not require much moisture).


Install a Bird Feeder

A lawn and garden area bursting with plant life looks even better when all manner of birds also visit. While some species seek out warmer climates during the winter, many types of birds stay in Canada throughout the year.

Adding a bird feeder during the fall is an excellent way to attract those winter birds. It will also help them to find food during periods where the harsher climate makes this more difficult (homemade winter suet is an excellent choice for them). Regular visits from new bird friends can also welcome life and colour to your property during the frigid bleakness of winter. Be sure to regularly refill and properly maintain your feeder to ensure that fresh and healthy food is always there when needed. Baffles and wire cages will help to keep squirrels and other bandits away, and protect your visitors from larger birds of prey waiting to swoop in.


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