Beautiful backyard


Most everyone has their own sense of design for their home and property. However, sometimes the specifics of that vision can be daunting and/or not financially feasible. In cases such as these, a new approach is needed, but what if you are lacking in inspiration? You can always check out the neighbours’ property or the look adopted by family and friends, though it seems lazy and uninspired to simply copy someone else. When all is said and done, that approach also may not satisfy you in the long run.

Here are some ideas that can help you come up with the inspiration you need.


Think About Elements That Reflect Your Taste

When thinking about the ideal backyard, what elements dominate your vision of the area? Do you prefer that the lawn make up the lion’s share of the property or would you prefer to have gardens be the predominant feature?

Beautiful lawn

Would you prefer as much open space as possible (e.g. so children could have considerable room to play) or are you content to turn over most of the area to nature? Are you the type of person who likes a geometric sense of order and balance or would you prefer a look that seemingly came about naturally?

Once you have figured out the basics of what reflects your tastes, this opens up possibilities that can bloom from those parameters.


Examine Your Property

The next step is finding an element that can serve as the starting point for your backyard project. Is there a certain aspect of the backyard that could potentially open up design possibilities?

pergola garden

For example, if your backdoor is exactly perpendicular to the rest of the yard, you could create a pathway running from your door to the end of the property and culminating in a sitting area. This would neatly divide the yard in half, allowing for both complimentary or contrasting choices of plants or shrubs on the sides, and a lovely view no matter where you are sitting. A pergola situated above the pathway can give a further sense of balance and privacy. That addition also allows for other decoration possibilities that will make your design even more colourful and vibrant.


Turn Limitations into Inspiration

Your backyard may not be the right size to match your desired look. If so, don’t despair: you can alter your plans and still come up something that more than suits your needs.

Urban gardening

For example, if your garden areas cannot accommodate the variety of plants you want, think about the ones that are truly suited to your climate and desired look. A smaller garden means that you can spend more time raising and caring for the plants that you have. Meticulously choose the ones that provide just the right sense of colour and vibrancy for your property.

If your budget does not allow for many different types of plants and garden accoutrements, opt for a simpler look. When designing a small space, you don’t want to fill it with too many objects or clashing colours as this makes the area seem cramped. Opt instead for a more minimalist approach or choose a theme that is an extension of a nearby part of your home’s interior. In short: don’t think drawback, think stimulating challenge.

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