Planning is crucial to a successful vegetable garden. Here are a few things to consider when laying out your garden:


Relate choices and the number of plants to timing. A dozen heads of lettuce may not sound like a lot, but it is a lot if they’re all ready on the same day. If you want a longer harvest time, consider earlier, or later- maturing varieties. You could also plant the same variety at one or two-week intervals. Just make sure they will have time to mature before frost is likely.


Stick to varieties of vegetables your family will enjoy eating, which will not only minimize waste but also encourage your family to participate in the garden. You can probably get Junior to weed the peas more easily than the turnips.


Vegetables grow — give them enough space. Make sure you allow enough room for each type of vegetable to ensure they get enough light to grow to full size. Overcrowding will cause your plants to become stunted, weak and flavorless.


Rabbits and squirrels are cute, but not when they’re gnawing on your carrots and pinching your seeds, so put up a fence to keep these larger pests out!

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