Perennials are beautiful, hardy plants that come back year after year. Some of the gardener’s most beloved plants — like hostas, clematis, and peonies — are perennial. They require less care than annuals do and can even help to prevent soil erosion with their deep, extensive root systems.

Step 1

Plant your perennials as soon as possible after bringing them home from the nursery. Choose a cooler, slightly overcast day to help reduce heat stress and wilting.

Step 2

Dig holes deep enough to allow you to bury the roots 2 cm (1/2 inch) below the surface.

Step 3

Use a good quality transplant fertilize, such as Plant-Prod® Starter Fertilizer 10-52-10, at the time of planting and before you put the plants into the hole. After a few weeks switch to a plant specific formulation that will help promote lots of good top growth or blooms.

Step 4

Place the perennial in the hole and fill with a half n’ half blend of fresh topsoil and existing garden soil. Press down gently.

Step 5

Water well and keep the soil moist (but not water-logged) for a few days to help the plant settle into the soil.

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