A beautiful rose garden has always been a sign of an accomplished gardener because roses can be finicky. They need more care than other flowers do and they need to be planted just so. Follow these steps to start your rose garden off on the right foot.

Step 1

When buying your roses it’s best to wait until the day before you’re ready to plant them. If this isn’t possible then keep the soil in the pots moist, not wet, and be sure that they do not sit in the full sun all day long. Morning sunlight will be best until you get around to planting.

Step 2

As Roses thrive in loamy soil it’s best to prepare the flowerbed by enriching the soil with PRO-MIX® Garden Mix prior to planting. Choose a spot that will protect the plant from the wind but will still allow it to get 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Planting them close to large trees or shrubs will also mean that they have to compete for nutrients, so choose your spot wisely.

Step 3

Dig your hole approximately 60 centimetres (2 feet) deep, or just slightly deeper than the pot it is in, but about twice the width. They can struggle in sandy or heavy clay soil, so ensuring the soil drains well and is enriched yearly.

Step 4

Just before planting, pull your roses from their plastic pots, and loosen the outer soil as much as you can, without damaging the roots.

Step 5

Place the rose plant into the hole and back fill with a blend of existing earth and PRO-MIX® Garden Mix. Firmly tamp the soil down and water to ensure that the root ball is well seated.

Step 6

Water your roses regularly. Roses need about 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) of water each week during the growing season. To reduce the risk of disease, it’s best to water the ground around the base, and not over the foliage. An early morning watering is best, before the suns rays are too strong to prevent leaf scalding.

Step 7

Don’t fertilize new roses until the new growth is at least 5 centimetres (2 inches) long. After that, they should be fertilized regularly until late summer.

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