Annuals are a great way to get an instant, non-stop flower garden. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you get full value for your budget:

  • Buy healthy plants which are neither dried out, spindly or with yellowing foliage.
  • Choose plants that have not yet begun to bloom.
  • Watch for signs of insect or disease damage.
  • Have a colour scheme in mind so that every plant will be suitable in a number of locations.

Most annual bedding plants are tagged with information about their growth requirements… whether they need full sun, partial shade or full shade, and what kind of soil conditions they like. When you get your annuals home, keep the in a cool, lightly shaded area and keep them watered until you’re ready to plant, so the tender roots and shoots don’t dry out too quickly. It’s also a good idea to work your garden soil up one or two weeks ahead of time. This will fool weeds into thinking it’s time to start growing… then you can go out and pull them before planting. When you’re ready to start planting, space the seedlings out on the garden, allowing enough room for each plant to reach its full size. Place each plant in its own hole or dig a trench for a row of seedlings. Place the plants in carefully; fill around the roots, press to firm soil, and water in well. Regular feeding with a quality fertilizer will keep them in top condition.

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