Perennial plants offer the gardener many years of enjoyment, and many get bigger and better each spring.

There are a tremendous number of perennial plants available today. Having a plan in mind when shopping at the garden center will help you keep your quantities, and your budget, under control. Also, remember it’s important to resist the temptation to shoe-horn plants into the garden too tightly… they need room to grow properly, and lots of air space to minimize disease problems. Check the tags to be sure you allow for all their potential. (Most perennials can be dug up, divided and moved later with few problems.)

Planting your perennials

When you bring your perennial plants home form the garden center, it helps to get them into the ground quickly. Cooler, slightly overcast conditions are ideal for planting, to help reduce heat stress, wilting, and to keep plants from drying out. As you plant, put a good quality fertilizer such as, Plant-Prod® Ultimate Plant Starter 10-52-10, or Green Earth® Bone Meal into the hole where it will be readily available to plant roots as they establish themselves. Water the new plants in well, and keep the soil moist (but not water-logged) for a few days to help the settle in. Keep a watch for pest and disease problems throughout the growing season- some of them can make a mess of your efforts in a hurry. Your garden center can advise on how to control these problems – if possible, take along a sample of the damage for reference.

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