What Garden Tools For Your Garden ?


Interested in becoming a gardener? Congratulations on choosing a hobby that not only benefits the planet, but can also be deeply fulfilling on a personal level.

No matter the pastime or work responsibility, both hobbyists and professionals have tools they use on a regular basis. Here is a list of tools new gardeners should consider having at the ready. Note that some of these are not necessities if you have a small plot.


One of the joys of gardening is feeling Mother Earth between your fingers and reconnecting with the soil. However, there are times when this is not convenient or you might be dealing with things like rocks or roots or thistles that have the potential to cause cuts and bruises.

Gardening gloves should be thick enough to protect your hands from such damage, but not so thick to hinder your finger movement.


The design of a trowel, which is another gardening essential, makes it easy to dig into the earth. They are especially helpful when it comes to creating small holes, making it easy to deposit seeds into the ground. In addition, trowels are great for digging out weeds and moving plants from your garden into pots.


The hoe is another well-known gardening tool, and with good reason: they are a first-rate tool in the fight against weeds. Using a shovel to deal with weeds is a bad idea because you dig up too much of the soil; it then lacks the firmness necessary for plants to take root. Careful use of the hoe means chopping off weeds and leaving the roots to rot. This provides fertilizer for the plants you wish to grow. It also loosens the top of the soil enough so rain can easily penetrate through to the lower layers of dirt.

DID YOU KNOW? Hoes also come in a small size, one to fit in your hand, allowing you to remove weeds more precisely without damaging the plants you wish to keep.

Rakes and Forks

Everyone knows rakes are used for cleaning up leaves in the fall, though they also have other valuable uses. Garden rakes have stronger tines than ones used to gather leaves from your grass. This makes them great tools for aerating your soil.

Garden forks are even sturdier in this regard and very good at breaking up harder dirt. You can also use them to blend fertilizer into the soil, or spread soil across lawn.


This one is easy to figure out. If you have a garden plot and your water source is a good distance away, a hose saves you from having to make many trips with a heavy watering can.  Retractable hoses are good for small spaces.

Garden Scissors/Pruners

There are times when you will need to remove dead branches and leaves, or trim overzealous plant growth. These tools will do the job much more effectively than regular scissors or a knife which could also injure the plant.


For bigger garden plots, these serve the same convenient function as a hose. You can more easily move soil to the garden and clearing away debris is a snap.   Look for one with a foam wheel so you’ll never get a flat from a heavy load.

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